Black Friday 2013: Best Deals on the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad mini

Update: We have posted an up to date list of Apple product deals that are available online today.

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On Black Friday, multiple retailers will begin offering discounts on Apple's lineup of tablets, including the iPad Air, the original mini, and the iPad 2. Stores are heavily competing on price this year to get customers into their stores, which is a major win for consumers as prices have dropped to all time lows.

We've listed the best iPad deals from our Black Friday Roundup below, but many of these discounts will be popular so customers looking for a stellar price should aim to get to stores early. Prices and inventory can also change quickly, and there can be different rules. Some stores such as Best Buy aren't starting their sales until Thursday, while Staples is already offering discounts online. Meanwhile, Target's biggest discounts are only available if you buy in-store.

Store iPad Air iPad mini iPad mini 2 iPad 2 iPad 4
Target $379.00$224.00$324.00$299.00$349.00
Best Buy$449.00$299.00$399.00$299.00$449.00
Click on prices to link directly to product where applicable. Best prices in bold. If not linked, price may be in-store only.

iPad Air

Target will have the best deal on the iPad Air, offering it at the discounted price of $479 and including a $100 Target gift card with the purchase, essentially dropping the price of the iPad Air to $379. The offer is listed in their weekly ad and appears to be in store only. Target's supplies are likely to be limited and the store is opening at 8 PM on Thursday, November 28, in many areas.

For customers that are not interested in a gift card, Staples and Best Buy have the next best deals on the iPad Air, offering a $50 discount that brings the cost of the entry level 16 GB iPad Air down to $449 and $450, respectively. Best Buy's sale began on Thursday, November 28 at 6 PM, but customers looking to score an early deal can purchase a discounted iPad Air from the Staples website or in-store.

retina_ipad_mini_roundupiPad mini

Few stores are offering the Retina iPad mini this year as there are still supply shortages, but Target has reportedly received small quantities of the Retina iPad mini and will be offering a $75 gift card with purchase on Black Friday (in store).

As for the original iPad mini, Walmart has the best deal, offering the tablet starting at $299 and including a $100 Walmart gift card with purchase. It is listed in their weekly ad, in-store only. Target is also selling the mini starting at $299, but including a Target $75 gift card with purchase (weekly ad), again in-store only.

For a no-strings-attached discount, Staples has the best deal with an $80 price cut on all of its original iPad mini stock, which drops the price of the entry level 16 GB Wi-Fi only iPad mini to $249. Staples deals are available immediately both in-store and on its website.

iPad 2

Best Buy and Staples have the best deal on the second-generation iPad, offering the entry-level 16 GB version for $299, a $100 discount off of the regular price. Staples, which has a blanket deal of $100 off on all models, is offering its deals early, both in-store and online.

iPad with Retina Display (Fourth Generation)

Staples is offering $150 off of all models of the fourth-generation iPad, which drops the price of the entry-level 16 GB Wi-Fi only version to $349. Staples' deals are available all week in-store and online now.

Target will be selling the fourth-generation iPad for $449, and including a $100 gift card with purchase (in store).

Several regional stores, such as Fred Meyer, H.H. Gregg, and Meijer are also offering good deals on both the iPad mini and the iPad Air.

A comprehensive and up-to-date list on all Apple related product deals, including iPads, can be found in our Black Friday Roundup. Additional deals are added as they become available.

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80 months ago
let the killing begin...
Rating: 4 Votes
80 months ago

I am honestly curious as to who is buying those iPad 2's? For the extra 50 bucks I would go for an iPad 4 at least just to get a retina display.

Any thoughts? I still need to sell my iPad 2 after I replaced it with the new Air. I'm considering just trading it in as it is now just collecting dust.

Have you ever thought of dusting it?
Rating: 3 Votes
80 months ago

And gift cards have this subtle thing about them that make people think the deal is better than it is.

I buy an iPad for $499 with $100 gift card. I _THINK_ I'm buying the iPad for $399. I'm NOT. I'm actually buying it for $499.

Then when I buy $100 worth of crap with that gift card, I _THINK_ it's all FREE because I'm using a $100 gift card.

You can't think $399 iPad plus $100 to spend on a gift card, but this is how most consumers think, and why the stores love these promotions. And the $100 gift card is usually spent on crap because someone has $100 to spend at store X and will add things together to make $100 that they wouldn't normally buy.

What is REALLY happening is that instead of getting an iPad for $399, you're REALLY getting an iPad for the SAME EXACT PRICE as you would elsewhere ($499), but you're also getting $100 worth of crap with it.

That is true, but what a lot of consumers (I'll include myself) think is that they spend $100 each time they shop at Target anyway, so why not get a gift card out of the deal. I'm not saying I'm going to get an iPad at Target on Friday, but it is a good deal. If the same deal were at Best Buy, then I would agree completely that the $100 gift card would buy you something you may not want or need. Target or Wal-Mart or any mass merchant selling a broad range of things including food make the gift card deal a no-brainer.

Me, I'm more likely to use AT&T's money and do the Next deal for an Air. This way I can use my money how I like while paying off the iPad over 12 months. I understand I'll then pay the monthly data share amount, but I'd be doing that anyway.

Black Friday, for me at least, is one of those days that is better off spent at home with family. I'll be in front of the fireplace for the better part of the day - then maybe we'll head over to a local watering hole for some holiday cheer.

For those people braving the crowds - be safe and try to show some kindness to those around you, who are likely to not be in a very good mood.
Rating: 2 Votes
80 months ago
What's the best deal to be had on the current MBA and MBPr 13"?

And that iPad isn't $379. It's $479 + tax - a $100 target gift car to spend on a purchase in the future.
Rating: 2 Votes
80 months ago
Well, I hope that everyone has done well in their efforts to get iPads at great prices. I showed up at my local Target about 5:30 pm, for the 8:00 opening. There were twenty to twenty-five people in line. So I joined them in the 30 degree chill.

When they let us in, I zoomed to the Apple product cashier, and I was about sixth in line. They had stacks of iPads behind the counter, most of which appeared to have been iPad Minis. I was concerned that they had low stock of the iPad Airs.

When it was my turn, I said, "I need two iPad Airs, 16GB, space gray, please." And the cashier put them both on the counter in front of me. I then said, "I need them to be rung up separately so that I can have separate receipts.

When the first one was rung up, I swiped my Target debit card. And, when the 5% discount was deducted, and the 5.3% state sales tax was applied to the discounted price, the total for the first one was $479.13. I was also given a $100 Target gift card.

When the second iPad Air was rung up, I said, "I have a $100 gift card, and let's put the rest on my Target debit card." The total due for the second iPad Air was $379.13, and I was given another $100 gift card, which I will use to buy things that I need to buy anyway.

This was my first Black Friday/Thanksgiving shopping expedition. And I am really pleased that it turned out this well.
Rating: 1 Votes
80 months ago

A $68,000 Corvette is rated higher than a $148,000 Porsche 911.

Nice try, though.

Well, you can't compare a Porsche to a ****** Corvette....
Nice try, though ;-)
Rating: 1 Votes
80 months ago

(This is why consumers are all confused - is that $89 blender really that much better than that $24 blender - is that $499 tablet really that much better than that $99 tablet?)

It's a valid question. Quality, much like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. You might be able to satisfy your conscience by paying more for what you believe to be the best product, but if something does exactly what you need it to, it ultimately doesn't matter how much you paid for it.

For example, I've got this old friend who bought a Motorola Atrix a couple years back. Paid, I think, 50 bucks for it, give or take. I personally don't think it's that good of a phone, and wouldn't want to own myself. But for him, it works perfectly. He gets his email, his text messages, his phone calls through it without a hitch, and he can look up info through the internet without any issues. The fact it's a little chunkity while scrolling doesn't even register with him. He could care less.

So is he stupid because he paid so little for what we all consider a crap phone, and could've gone with something better for a little more? Or is he a wise, frugal shopper because he paid so little, yet got a product that does exactly what he needs it to do?
Rating: 1 Votes
80 months ago

Trust me, the amount of people in line for this will be in the minority compared to the quantity of people as it wraps around the building because stock availability will be low.

You want this price? Get in line yesterday.

Unless you enjoy the whole BF/getting in line thing (hey, to each their own), I don't see how waiting in line an entire day for $20 and a $100 Target gift card is worth the trouble. Especially when you can save $50 and just order one from Staples online.
Rating: 1 Votes
80 months ago

With those choices, I'll take the $24 blender. I don't need a known brand name to ensure that the product will blend. And, if I need to buy three of them during the same amount of time that your $89 model lasts, I will still be saving money.

And you think that you are a smart consumer?

I am looking to get the iPad Air, though.

Boom. This. Going by brand name alone is equally as stupid as basing your entire decision on price. A name doesn't always guarantee quality, and a lower price doesn't mean you're buying cheap crap by going cheap.

Put simply, you get what you need. If I were running a kitchen in a restaurant, or did a ton of cooking, I'd get a Cuisinart. You want to pay more for that extra bit of sturdiness, which means it'll last longer in a high stress environment where it's used for hours on end. But someone who cooks a single meal for the family once a night, and uses the blender for maybe 15 minutes, the $30 option will last them for at least a couple of years, and blend just as well as the Cuisinart.

And what happens if the brand name lets you down? It's been known to happen. Cuisinart could have a bad run of blenders for a couple of years that damage the brand, which means you'd be screwed by buying one of their blenders on name alone. You spend more money for it, and it ends up blowing up 6 months later. Everyone makes a dud product at some point.

On top of that, people who buy on brand name alone tend to be more prejudiced against other brands. Case in BBeagle said "Samsung, not a good brand", completely ignoring the fact that while it's not a good brand to him, it is quickly becoming one to everyone else. We're all bashing the Surface tablet around here as cheap, badly designed crap, disregarding the fact that Microsoft is still one of the top 5 trusted brand names in America at the moment. Even though it's not selling well, someone could still walk into a store and buy it on brand name alone. So who's right? Who's wrong?

Well, I'd say I'm right, because I'm smart, and the people who disagree with me are stupid and don't know what they're talking about. Yeah, that's how these things usually go.

The simple fact is, it's impossible to make a 100% completely informed decision about the things we buy, and we all lean on stupid metrics at some point while making them. There's no reason to judge someone else because they made a different stupid decision than the stupid decision you likely would've made in the same situation.
Rating: 1 Votes
80 months ago

You won't believe how many smart people (just not technically smart) look at specs, and think the iPad 2 is better or almost the same as the iPad Air.

At my office, a co-worker in a meeting said that he was looking to get an iPad. He was thinking of the iPad 2 because it was cheaper. He didn't want retina on the iPad Air, because he thought it scanned your eyes. The iPad 2 has a dual-core chip, while the iPad Air doesn't (in Apple's spec page it simply says 'A7 chip with 64-bit architecture and M7 motion coprocessor' for the iPad Air). He didn't care about the cameras.

So, the majority of people just don't really understand. This is why I think most people get the cheaper model.

It's similar to when I'm looking for a blender. I see a $24 blender at Walmart, but it's some no-name. Then I see a 'Cuisinart' Blender for $89 and another for $139. Well, I know the name Cuisinart. It's probably better, will last longer. But I'll buy the least expensive one for $89 vs. $139. I'm a smart consumer!

I think typical Apple consumers go out looking for a tablet and see. Hmmm... Samsung tablet $199. Not a great name. Apple tablet for $299 or $399. I hear Apple is a great brand name, better quality. I'll get the cheaper Apple tablet. I'm a smart consumer!

A lot of people just don't understand consumer thinking, and think that it makes any sense.

With those choices, I'll take the $24 blender. I don't need a known brand name to ensure that the product will blend. And, if I need to buy three of them during the same amount of time that your $89 model lasts, I will still be saving money.

And you think that you are a smart consumer?

I am looking to get the iPad Air, though.
Rating: 1 Votes

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