Apple Product Reliability Reaches 100%, Satisfaction Over 100%

Apple product reliability has risen to 100% in PC World's annual reliability survey, based on responses from 85,000 users of Apple products. The survey applied to both reliability and tech support across the entire Apple product line. PC World was unable to find any Apple customer with a single problem or complaint.

In a related report, Consumer Reports Magazine has pegged Apple customer satisfaction at 103%. CR found that even people who don't have an Apple product, have never phoned Apple Support, and have never been to an Apple Store are extremely satisfied with Apple Customer Service.

Customer Satisfaction Graph
PC World commissioned Tom Dickson, founder of Blendtec, to destroy a 2014 Mac Pro in his blender and then take it in for service.
I took everything that came out the blender -- shards of metal, twisted plastic and wire, and unidentifiable goop -- to an Apple Store. I didn't have an appointment but they helped me right away and repaired the Mac Pro in about 15 minutes. When I left it was as good as new.
With the perfected reliability of the product line, Apple Geniuses no longer need to diagnose problems, troubleshoot hardware or software, or fix glitches, so they are available to help customers do their taxes, troll the Internet, or learn to use mail merge to spam their friends with chain letters.

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2 hours ago at 09:13 pm
The Apple Store geniuses used to show up at my house to fix problems before I even noticed there was something wrong. Now there are never any problems, so the geniuses have been stopping by just to say hi. What great people!
Rating: 7 Positives
17 minutes ago at 1:03 pm
Think how many third party repair shops are going to go out of business! This is going to tank the worldwide economy! :(
Rating: 5 Positives
2 minutes ago at 11:18 pm
This is horrible. I like to spend my weekends fixing broken stuff, and now that my Apple products "just work" I have nothing to do on Saturday. If I go in the house my wife will make me do chores! :eek:
Rating: 3 Positives

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Apple Secretly Partnered with Tesla [Updated]

An anonymous tipster, who MacRumors has confirmed is reputable source, has confirmed that a partnership between Apple and Tesla Motors is in the latter stages of agreement, with a public announcement due imminently once the final terms have been settled. The anonymous tipster, known as Mr. Y, has advised that Apple will be partly funding Tesla's rumored 10 million square foot 'gigafactory', and that once the plant has been constructed the production of batteries will begin in earnest.

Tesla and Apple
My. Y advises that the both Apple and Tesla have been working in secret over the last two years to develop a new battery technology, coined internally as 'Tes-ion Polymer', which it is suggested will extend the life of an iOS device under normal use to upward of a month. This is predominantly achieved through the inclusion of thousands of nano-dynamos that charge the Tes-ion Polymer battery while it is being carried, storing the kinetic energy for use by the iOS device.

It would not be beyond the realm of possibility that Apple's recent move to iPhone battery automation is a test case for the automated production suggested in recent reports that will be constructed within the new gigafactory.

Tesla is constantly expanding its network of charging stations, and sources claim that an attachment for the simultaneous charging of the Tesla model S and iOS devices will soon be released for the European market, with North America soon to follow.

[Update] We have learned that this rumor is false, and that Apple has instead partnered with DiLi Technologies for new battery technology.

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6 hours ago at 04:30 pm
Wow! Fantastic! :) I love Apple and I love Tesla! :) What a great combination! :) And I love MacRumors for uncovering this news! :)
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15 minutes ago at 09:48 pm
This is just in time. Next year I'll be taking a shift on the International Space Station, where AC outlets a little hard to find. With a single charge I can use my iPhone to order Chinese food without worrying that I'll run down my battery.
Rating: 8 Positives
10 hours ago at 12:18 am
Oh, great. :rolleyes: The 1% will never have to charge their phones while the rest of us with older iPhones will be slaves to the electrical outlet. Demand your rights!
Rating: 2 Positives
4 hours ago at 07:33 pm
I hate this! Think how awful it'll be when our iPhones don't need charging every day. We'll get out of our daily routine and start forgetting other daily habits. We'll forget to take out the trash and the house will get smelly. We'll forget to brush our teeth, so they'll rot and fall out. We'll forget to feed the cat and it'll starve to death. Shame on you, cat-killers Apple and Tesla! :mad:
Rating: 2 Positives

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iTunes Store Now Accepting Donations for Justin Bieber Disaster

Apple has launched a new page on its iTunes Store allowing users to easily donate money to the Justin Bieber Legal Defense Fund, created after the Canadian pop star's most recent run-ins with the law, part of a continuing career disaster. Bieber was arrested in Miami for speeding, driving under the influence with an expired driver's license, and for resisting arrest. In a previous incident he was accused of throwing eggs at his neighbor's home.

Apple's donation page, which is accessible through the main page and the desktop iTunes Store, permits donations at the $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, and $200 levels.

Justin Bieber Legal Defense Fund
Apple will transfer 100% of each donation directly to Bieber's fund, seamlessly billing to the user's existing iTunes Store account. With Apple currently holding over 500 million iTunes Store accounts with credit cards attached, the company has a very significant customer base that can take advantage of the donation program.

Apple has conducted several similar campaigns in the past, most recently in February 2011 in support of Lindsay Lohan after she was charged with shoplifting a necklace.

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2 hours ago at 08:50 pm
Justin is soooo talented. I just want to meet him and tell him how much I love his music. I've got all of his albums and I watch his videos over and over. Who cares if he endangered lives and can't get along with his neighbors. He's still the coolest!!!
Rating: 5 Positives
17 minutes ago at 10:42 pm
Rating: 5 Positives
36 minutes ago at 10:23 pm
Apple should be improving their hardware, not wasting their time doing community service. Tsunamis and earthquakes and superstorms don't worry me as much as having limited Apple Touch ID capability. Apple stockholders should mount a protest against Apple's needless diversions.
Rating: 2 Positives

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Apple to Lower Carbon Footprint by Launching 'Spaceship' Campus

Apple today announced plans to launch its so-called spaceship campus from its planned Cupertino location to outer space, citing an ever-growing commitment to environmental responsibility. The shift to space will reduce Apple's environmental footprint by more than two percent, according to analyst estimates.

Spaceship Campus
"We are deeply saddened to leave the planet that gave birth to Apple," said Apple CEO Tim Cook in a statement. "But rest assured that our space compound will be our greenest facility yet. I mean, it's out of this world."

Apple Campus 2 designer Foster + Partners says that when completed, the building will transition from Earth to space without a hitch.
The underside of the facility includes eight pairs of multi-stage solid rocket boosters and fourteen expendable H2/O2 tanks that will thrust the finished campus into geosynchronous orbit over Cupertino.
The fully-enclosed circular structure will serve as a functional biodome, capable of supporting approximately 12,000 Apple employees for the duration of their lives. It will also house an array of rare and endangered plants and animals, a 1900 square meter rainforest, an 850 square meter ocean complete with coral reef, 80,000 square meters of mangrove wetlands, and a 450 square meter savannah grassland.

Apple plans to finish construction on the spacecraft by 2016, with lift-off shortly thereafter.

(Rendering courtesy of Inhabitat)

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45 minutes ago at 04:18 pm
I'll be glad to meet Tim Cook and company when they pass by the International Space Station. That's where I'll be starting next year!
Rating: 10 Positives
1 hour ago at 03:46 pm
I took advantage of a bargain. Only $890,000 for a ticket on Virgin Galactic to visit the campus store in space and buy souvenir Apple T-shirts! I hope the T-shirts won't be too pricey.
Rating: 6 Positives
2 hours ago at 03:23 pm
Only 80,000 square meters? What kind of wetlands is that supposed to be? What a joke.
Rating: 1 Positive

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Apple Enters a Surprising New Marketplace

Multiple times over the course of 2013, CEO Tim Cook has indicated that Apple was on the verge of adding new product categories. Most analysts assumed that he was referring to a wearable device or possibly a television set, but Apple surprised them all this morning, announcing its intention to revolutionize the fruit industry.

Apple Crate
Aiming to compete with services like Amazon Fresh and Google Shopping Express, iApple takes the company in a radical new direction, promising same-day deliveries of more than 3,000 varieties of apples harvested from specially cultivated orchards the company has established around the world.

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke by phone with MacRumors.
We're starting with apples. You can get a Fuji, Braeburn, or Gala delivered to your door in under an hour. But we're not going to stop there. Soon, we'll be delivering pears, bananas, and oranges too. Apple is a growth company and we see a significant opportunity here.
Starting at $9.99, Apple's apple prices are higher than apples from competing companies, but according to the company's new "Eat Different" advertising campaign, its apples feature a durable but delicious outer casing with a symmetric four-seed core.

Apple's new fruit initiative is spreading apprehension throughout the fruit industry. According to Peter Wagner, who runs Applecrest Farm Orchards, the largest apple orchard in the state of New Jersey, Apple's attempt to break into the fruit industry is the start of a new era.
iApple will substantially alter the fundamental structure and challenges of the apple industry. They'll start by selling a few apples to their fans, but as their higher quality attracts a larger market it's going to make a long-term mark on the industry that can't be ignored. The rest of us will have to improve our products to keep up.
While the iApple program is currently limited to the United States, Australia, China, and the United Kingdom, Apple has plans to expand the service to more than 100 countries by the end of the year.

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3 hours ago at 12:08 pm
Apple and apples -- it's a natural fit. And what better leader than Tim Cook? I'm giving up cooking to become a full-time spokeswoman for iApple. They don't even have to pay me. With fruit so fresh and delicious, I just want to let the world know that iApple fruit is gushing with delicious juiciness and wholseome nutrition.
Rating: 16 Positives
55 minutes ago at 02:08 pm
It ap-PEARS to me that in order to bear FRUIT Apple will need a PLUM of an advertising campaign, with unimPEACHable spokespeople, lots of a-PEEL, and BERRY good exposure. Get it? They're fruit words. Ha ha.
Rating: 12 Positives
1 hour ago at 01:48 pm
I've got the perfect recipe for iApple Pie:

2 cups flour
5 teaspoons salt
3 cups butter

Combine ingreadients, mix with fork. Add more butter to taste. Stir in water to moisten. Add more butter and dump in lots more salt and butter. Fold dough into nine-inch pie pan. Add a smigigin of iApples. Bake.

Serve with a side dish of lard. Some people think this recipe serves 8, but I say you should eat the whole pie in one sitting.
Rating: 2 Positives

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iOS 7.2 Takes Design to a Fantastic New Level

As leader of Apple's Human Interface team, Jony Ive has pushed for ever-thinner hardware products and an ever-thinner software design.

iOS 7.2
Now his efforts have reached their conclusion with iOS 7.2. The new default system font is Helvetica Defluo Ultra, with letters so thin they are barely perceptible.

Initial reaction is very positive, with almost universal praise for the new interface design. The iOS 7.2 design guidelines call for border and separator lines that are invisible to the human eye and icons with a 1x8 aspect ratio. To keep with the "light" look and feel, primary colors are deprecated and only pastel colors are used.
I looked at IOS from a completely new point of view, with fresh ideas to add elegance by trimming the proverbial fat. I found the solution with inspiration from the fashion industry, where the models are so thin they look unhealthy. When they look that bad, the less of them you see, the better!
iOS 7.2 will be released mid-summer, with a campaign budget so thin that you might not hear about the release.

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1 hour ago at 12:57 pm
Jony Ive is almighty. We, his true followers, know to follow his every adventure with passion and appreciation.
Rating: 757 Positives
12 minutes ago at 01:51 pm
I love the way that you end a phone call by tapping a beautifully tiny spec rather than a hideously medium-sized button.
Rating: 78 Positives
4 hours ago at 09:55 am
The new look is just what I want to see... or not see.
Rating: 52 Positives
5 hours ago at 08:58 am
Want to lose weight? Call 1-966-555-2014 for diet pills guaranteed to burn off fat within hours. Only $495.95 per month. Please do not report this post to the moderators.
Rating: 15 Positives
3 minutes ago at 02:00 pm
Why should I bother updating to 7.2 when it will be replaced by 7.3 anyway?
Rating: 1 Positive

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Hands-On With the Apple Maps Flyunder Feature

MacRumors has tested a developer copy of the upcoming Apple Maps Flyunder feature, expected to be released with iOS 7.2.

After choosing a location and enabling the 3D view, you can tap the Flyover/Flyunder icon to toggle between the two modes.

Both the Flyover and Flyunder modes offers photorealistic 3D views, with simple gestures used to change the viewpoint and move in any direction. Unlike Flyover mode, which Apple's competitors also provide, Apple's unique Flyunder feature has the ability to display the interiors of basements and boiler rooms, steam tunnels, water and sewer pipes, and even underground river channels.

Apple Maps Flyunder
MacRumors found that Flyunder mode offers good response time, but it crashed while we were navigating passageways under Area 51 in Nevada. We tested the feature using locations in Washington DC and spotted a stash of stolen paintings in a tunnel under the National Gallery of Art.

The Apple Maps Flyunder feature will be initially available only for major cities, including all of New York's Manhattan, and under famous landmarks. New cities will be added monthly.

Top Rated Comments

7 hours ago at 04:21 am
This is as innovative as it gets. Bravo, Apple, for an extremely useful feature. I can use this to get around the underground hallways at MIT. And my parents will love it when Apple gets to their neighborhood. They won't have to hire a plumber to send a scope through their pipes since they just check under their house with Apple Maps!
Rating: 20 Positives
10 hours ago at 01:48 am
Yeah, well, like whatever. :|
Rating: 15 Positives
5 hours ago at 06:35 am
The interface is impossible to comprehend. Why do they keep adding more features and more icons I'm supposed to tap? I get lost all the time because I can't figure out how to use their stupid map software. Apple maps should let you type in an address and then print out a paper map on your printer. No other features to confuse us! :(
Rating: 9 Positives

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AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint Agree to Waive All Data Fees

Under pressure from Apple to relieve price pressure on consumers, the big three U.S.-based cellular carriers have joined together in waiving data fees on all of their cellular service plans. After many years of collecting funds from customers for use of their networks to stream services such as Pandora and Netflix on their mobile devices, the big three feel they've earned enough cash to have built-out their LTE networks and to sustain them.

LTE is an acronym for Long Term Evolution, a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals.

Verizon, AT&T, Sprint
Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO, states in a press release,
We've finally received enough money from the customer base to build a network that will handle the needs of today and tomorrow. Our income from regular phone and text plans will be able to sustain the networks and provide a reasonable profit for us.
Dan Mead, Verizon Wireless CEO, more simply says,
We've heard the cry of our customers.
For everyone with plans on the big three carriers, beginning with their next billing cycle, their data fees will be erased and will only be responsible for phone minutes and texting. Along with no data fees, the data limits will also be erased. No longer will there be 3GB, 5GB, and other caps on usage.

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1 hour ago at 09:30 am
Finally! I can't believe it took them so long to achieve this. Now I'll be able to stream Weird Al 24/7 from iTunes Radio!
Rating: 4 Positives
23 minutes ago at 10:24 am
All the money I spent on unlimited data plans has paid off. Now my electric bill will go up because I plan on mounting my iPad Air on the wall like a TV and will be streaming Netflix all the time.
Rating: 4 Positives
2 hours ago at 09:07 am
I don't have an opinion about this. I just like to post.
Rating: 4 Positives
2 hours ago at 09:12 am
Oh great, after years with Verizon, I just switched to T-Mobile. Does anyone know if VZW will pay my ETF to get back to them for this new non-data plan?
Rating: 4 Positives

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Apple Touch ID Security to be Enhanced With Automatic DNA Testing

Apple today revealed their next generation Touch ID technology, DNA Touch. We expect the DNA-testing functionality to be a feature of the iPhone 6 and all future iPads.

Fingerprint and DNA
Users will be able to authenticate their devices not only by fingerprint, but by their DNA signature, unique to each individual. Each time you unlock your phone, a tiny probe will scrape skin cells off the palm of your hand, analyze them, and verify your indentity.

Apple's new hires, Nancy Dougherty and Ravi Narasimhan, and Apple's acquisition of Basis, the company behind the Basis Health fitness tracker, have taken things a step further. In addition to identity verification, the DNA functionality will now be able to perform the following tests:

  • Genealogical testing
  • Paternity test
  • Avuncular testing
  • Mitochondrial testing

Apple Developers will be able to write apps that access the DNA information, allowing your genetic code to be shared on social networks. This, in turn, will help users find their ancestors, learn if they're adopted, and even trace the lineage of the female line of their family. has partnered with Apple to provide the genealogical data and will be a free service for those who subscribe to the iTunes Match service.

Many law enforcement departments and courts have already begun signing up with Apple to automatically obtain the results of paternity testing for all men with the new Apple devices. This will help cut lab costs and expedite legal proceedings.

Apple hasn't announced when this technology will be available, but we suspect it will be introduced at WWDC 2014 and be available in their next generation devices this Fall.

Top Rated Comments

4 hours ago at 08:35 am
This will be superconvenient. I don't mind having my hand jabbed and scraped by my phone every time I pick it up. The peace of mind from locked-down air-tight foolproof security is well worth it! I won't even have to keep my phone in a safe place anymore.
Rating: 5 Positives
31 minutes ago at 11:44 pm
I've been interested in finding the lineage of women in my family and this DNA feature will be great. I'm sure I have a filthy rich great aunt out there somewhere.
Rating: 2 Positives
7 hours ago at 05:20 am
Oh sure, give my DNA to the NSA a few times a day? Apple is in on it too, you know. They use our phones to track our every movement. And you can't turn off your camera. It continuously streams video of whatever you're doing straight to Apple. Why do you think they they need that big data center? Next we'll have the iWatch monitoring our brainwaves. Where does it stop, Apple?
Rating: 2 Positives
1 hour ago at 11:15 am
Apple should be improving the community, not spending all their time with their noses in the lab. Tsunamis and earthquakes and superstorms are harming people, and that worries me a lot more than what crazy technology Apple comes up with next. Why isn't Apple helping people who are experiencing disasters? Apple stockholders should mount a protest against Apple's needless diversions.
Rating: 1 Positive

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Mac Pro Air Confirmed

MacRumors sources have confirmed that previously-circulated images are, as suspected, the rumored Mac Pro Air. We've now learned the technical specifications from our inside source in Austin, Texas.

Mac Pro Air
Despite a height of only 3.4 inches and weight of only 4.5 pounds, the Mac Pro Air packs more punch than the Mac Pro it replaces, with a 48-core Intel Xeon E7 with 256MB L3 cache, 2TB RAM, 32 AMD graphics processors, and up to 1025 Thunderbolt displays. Both the Mac Pro and Mac Pro Air have a diameter of 6.6 inches.

The Mac Pro Air provides double the critical software compared with the Mac Pro, with two copies of Photo Booth, two copies of Reminders, and two copies of FaceTime included with every system. It also lengths the standard warranty to 20 years.

To match its smaller size, Apple has positioned the Mac Pro Air at the $749 to $999 price range, undercutting the Mac Pro by 75%.

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10 hours ago at 12:47 am
PC makers will never match this machine. Never! And Apple can't possibly improve on it either. It's the last computer that will ever be made because nothing could ever be improved!!
Rating: 44 Positives
2 hours ago at 08:42 am
I needed a computer to fit the space next to my desk, which is 3.4" by 6.6" by 6.6". I'm doing realistic high-end special effects for movie studios and large-scale weather simulations for the National Weather Service, so I really didn't care what kind of computer it was. I was going to pick up a reburbished PC for $99 computer at Walmart, but it wouldn't have fit the space as well as the new Mac Pro Air.
Rating: 21 Positives
4 hours ago at 06:14 am
AppleCare for only 20 years? Who are they kidding? That's nothing. It ought be at least 20 years and 3 months. Otherwise, what are you supposed to do if it fails after 20 years and 1 month? Think about that, so-called geniuses!
Rating: 17 Positives

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iPhone 6 to Offer One-Year Battery Life with New Technology [Updated]

Apple's iPhone 6 is expected to launch later this year, and it will come with a revolutionary upgrade in battery life, according to a rumor from FederationiPhone. Their sources indicate that Apple has developed miniature reactor cores that harness the energy of matter-antimatter reactions to deliver one-year battery life for the next iPhone.
We believe that Apple has partnered with DiLi Technologies on new facilities in Kansas that will produce synthetic dilithium crystals for use in the new battery. Apple will build the facility northwest of the town of Lebanon, Kansas, which is providing tax breaks to attract the new production center. DiLi will own the equipment and staff the facility, leveraging its existing expertise with the material.
With the iPhone's non-removable battery having been an issue for many reviewers over the years, it appears that Apple will also be addressing this complaint with the iPhone 6. After the iPhone 6's antimatter battery pack is depleted, users will be able to don suits to protect themselves from radioactivity and swap out the battery for a new one on their own. Replacements will reportedly cost $4.99 with a $189.99 disposal fee for the old battery.

[Update] We have learned that this rumor is false, and that Apple has instead partnered with Tesla for new battery technology.

Top Rated Comments

6 hours ago at 02:28 am
Wow! Fantastic! :) I love Apple and I love DiLi Technologies! :) What a great combination! :) And I love MacRumors for uncovering this news! :)
Rating: 3 Positives
47 minutes ago at 08:07 am
The timing couldn't be better. Next year I'll be on the International Space Station maintaining the satellites they use to scan for the mineral deposits used to make synthetic dilithium.
Rating: 2 Positives
2 hours ago at 06:29 am
Two elitist companies getting together to make status-hungry consumers crave a new toy. :rolleyes:
Rating: 3 Positives
7 hours ago at 02:04 am
I hate this! Why should Kansas get all the business? They must have been using Apple Maps because I looked up Lebanon and it's on the Mediterranean, not in Kansas. If they don't handle the antimatter right it'll probably blow a big hole in the factory and kill any nearby cats. Shame on you, cat-killers Apple and DiLi! :mad:
Rating: 3 Positives

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